Transition Year resources and useful information for parents of current and future students

Holy Faith Secondary School, Clontarf, is a voluntary secondary school operating within the free education scheme.

As you can appreciate, the cost of running the school exceeds the funding received from the Department of Education and Skills. The subscriptions and contributions of parents enable us to provide the students with opportunities and facilities above and beyond the basic curriculum. We would ask for your support if possible in the following areas:


Amenities Subscription of €90.00 for students returning for 2020/21 covers the following services to students:
lockers, library books, educational equipment, copying of supplementary course materials, tests and house examination papers, term reports, Guidance tests (CATS and others), guest speakers, Art, Home Economics, Science and IT consumables, audio-visual and other teaching aids, e.g. films, videos/DVDs etc.

Games Subscription of €125.00 contributes to the cost of after-school coaching, use of equipment, affiliation and entry fees, cost of buses for training and matches, pitch/venue rental, referee fees, team jerseys and use of equipment.


A contribution of €275 or other amount assists with the promotion of the sciences, curricular and co-curricular programmes, the payment of part-time teaching hours which ensures that we can continue to offer the range of subjects, levels and services currently provided. The fund also supplements the amenities and games offered as well as contributing towards activities which benefit the whole school community.