Parents Association

Welcome to the Holy Faith Clontarf Parents’ Association web page. The purpose of this section of the school website is to let parents know more about the Parents’ Association.

As a parent of a daughter in the school you are a member of the Parents’ Association. As a Parents’ Association we strive to do what we can to play our role as part of the school community, working together to give our daughters the best possible secondary school experience. We represent the views of parents and provide a channel of communication between the school and the parents. The Parents’ Association also raises funds to invest in projects and facilities that will enhance your daughter’s experience at the school.

The detailed Aims and Objectives of the Parents’ Association are described in our constitution


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Parents’ Council Executive and Meetings

The Parents’ Council meets first week every month, alternating Tuesday and Wednesday evenings 8pm on Zoom.


Chairperson: Louise McKenna

Deputy Chairperson: Kara Cullen

Treasurer: Clarissa Bryans

Secretary: Trish Birch

Communications Officer: Jennifer Rothwell

New members are always welcome.

Parents are also invited to add their name to a list of ‘helpers’ who may be available to help out at certain events annually without committing to attendance at monthly meetings.

We can be contacted at if you would like a link to a Zoom PA meeting or would like to be added to the helpers list.


Diary Dates

PA Meetings: Tuesday September 6th, Wednesday October 5th, Tuesday November 1st, Wednesday December 7th.

AGM: Wednesday September 21st

PA Lunch: Friday November 11th

PA Table Quiz: 9th March 2023


Role of the Class Rep on the PA Committee

Parents can volunteer to act as a point of contact for their daughter’s class to help with informal networking of parents for the period of one academic year. This is especially important for parents of First Years and new students to the school.

The Class Reps can put forward items for discussion at monthly P.A. committee meetings on behalf of their year group / class.

The role of the Class Rep is a great way for parents to become involved in the Parents’ Association, bring attention to issues of interest to parents and gain insight into the activities of the P.A. Class Reps will be invited to volunteer for the role at the first meeting following the AGM each year.

Email to make contact with your class rep.



The Parents’ Association run a variety of events each year including:

  • Organise talks of interest for parents and students. At our annual talk guest speakers have presented on subjects such as Study Skills Mental Health, Use of the Internet, and Drugs Awareness.
  • Host social and fund raising events for parents. Organise and support fund raising events to contribute towards improvements to the school. In the past the Parents’ Association has made contributions to study skills courses for the girls, CAO information talks for the parents; practical items such as equipment for the home economics rooms and science labs, trips to sporting events.

Our regular fundraising activities have included:

  • Annual Table Quiz – this is a great event which proves to be a valuable fundraiser in addition to being a great (and sometimes quite competitive!) night out for parents.
  • Annual Parents’ Lunch – a wonderful opportunity for parents to meet in a social setting and enjoy lunch while listening to an interesting speaker.
  • Book Fair – we organise a sale of second-hand books over a weekend. This is a very popular event in the school community and in the wider local community

We offer help with annual school events (such as 6th Year Graduation and annual TY show):

  • Pre-Debs reception – we host a really lovely evening in the school where all of that year’s Leaving Certificate class get to gather at the school for one last time, with their parents, before heading out to their Debs Ball.
  • Mock Interviews – we organise an evening of Mock Interviews for the girls in 5th and 6th Year. The interviewers are drawn from the parent body and it provides a great opportunity for the girls to be interviewed in a discipline of their choice (accountancy, medical, education, media, creative, military, IT, travel … it’s a long list!)