Management & Staff

The school is under the management of a Board of Management comprising 4 trustee nominees including the Chairperson, 2 parent members and 2 teacher members. The Principal of the school is the Secretary to the Board of Management.

Board of Management

The Board of Management is appointed for a period of three years, 2019-2022.

Chairperson: Mrs Margaret Lennon

Trustee nominee: Ms Bláth McDonnell

Trustee nominee: Mr James Reynolds

Trustee nominee: Mr Kris Vecik

Parent nominee: Mr Anthony Fallon

Parent nominee: Ms Joanne Giles

Teacher nominee: Mr Barry Hayden

Teacher nominee: Ms Caroline Lee

Secretary: Ms Deirdre Gogarty



Principal: Deirdre Gogarty

Deputy Principal: Mary Molloy


Year Heads

First Year
Ms Suzanne Ryan

Second Year
Ms Fiona Coghlan

Third Year
Ms Siobhan Sheerin

Transition Year
Ms Clodagh Mackle

Fifth Year
Ms Mairead Peppard

Sixth Year
Ms Mary Molloy


Guidance Counsellor
Ms Mairead Peppard

Subject Teachers

  • Art

    Ms K Kotilainen, Ms S McDonnell

  • Business

    Ms J Furlong, Mr O O'Callaghan, Mr J Ryan, Mr C Walsh

  • Classical Studies

    Ms D Gogarty, Mr I Maguire, Ms E Mahon

  • CSPE

    Ms M Breen, Ms J Carthy, Ms N Daly, Mr G Hoey, Mr B Kelly, Mr I Maguire

  • English

    Ms K Conlon, Ms V Dowling, Ms M Forde, Ms A Kavanagh, Ms B Kidd, Ms E Mahon, Ms S McGuill, Ms A O’Donnell, Ms B Verdon

  • Irish

    Ms J Cusack, Ms C Lee, Ms K Mackey, Ms E Mahon, Ms R Nolan

  • French

    Ms K Conlon, Ms N Daly, Ms C Keogan, Ms C Mackle, Mr C Walsh

  • Geography

    Ms M Breen, Ms V Dowling, Mr E Fitzpatrick, Mr B Kelly, Ms C Rogers, Ms H Teeling, Ms B Verdon

  • German

    Ms J Furlong, Ms C Mackle, Mr C Walsh

  • Guidance

    Ms M Peppard

  • History

    Dr M Forde, Mr G Hoey, Ms B Kidd, Mr B Kelly, Ms R Nolan

  • Home Economics

    Ms J Cusack, Ms L Flanagan, Ms P Halpin

  • Learning Support

    Mr S McGuinness, Ms A O’Donnell

  • Mathematics

    Ms F Coghlan, Mr E Fitzpatrick, Ms C Keogan, Ms C Lee, Mr S McCabe, Mr S McGuinness, Ms S Sheerin, Ms L Tyrrell

  • Music

    Mr D Kennedy

  • Physical Education

    Ms F Coghlan, Ms A Crowley

  • Religious Education

    Dr M Forde, Ms P Halpin, Ms A Kavanagh, Ms S McGuill, Ms M Molloy, Ms A O’Donnell, Ms C Rogers

  • Science

    Ms C Carragher, Ms C Culloty, Mr B Hayden, Dr J Macklin, Ms M O'Sullivan, Ms S Sheerin, Ms L Tyrrell

  • SPHE

    Ms M Breen, Ms J Carthy, Ms F Coghlan, Ms K Conlom, Ms V Dowling, Ms L Flanagan, Ms K Kotilainen, Ms C Mackle, Ms A O’Donnell, Ms M Peppard, Ms C Rogers, Ms B Verdon